ZOMBIE FLESH EATERS (zombie; zombies 2; island of the living dead; zombi 2; gli ultimi zombi) (1979 ITALY) D: LUCIO FULCI W: ELISA BRIGANTI/DARDANO SACCHETTI (uncredited) P: FABRIZIO DE ANGELIS/UGO TUCCI
Inspired by the success of Romero`s DAWN OF THE DEAD, Fulci kickstarted the Italian gut-munching cycle with this old-fashioned voodoo themed zombie movie that actualy holds up better now than Romero`s. When an unmanned boat (with a fat zombie aboard) cruises into New York harbour, newspaper reporter Ian McCulloch and Tisa Farrow go and search for her father (who owned the boat) on the remote Caribbean island of Matool. There they find plenty of the undead rising from their graves (good scenes inspired by PLAGUE OF THE ZOMBIES) and lots of nice gore effects. With (carpenter) Al Cliver, Richard Johnson, Auretta Gay, Franco Fantasia, a cameo from Fulci, a shark vs. underwater zombie fight and the infamous splinter-in-the-eye scene.