THE WRESTLING WOMEN VS. THE AZTEC MUMMY (rock `n` roll wrestling women vs. the aztec mummy; las luchadoras contra la momia) (1964 MEXICO) D: RENE CARDONA W/P: GUILLERMO CALDERON
Second in the Los Luchadoras series starring Lorena Valezquez and Elizabeth Campbell as female wrestling tag-team Venus and Golden Rubi (the two elegant beauties are clearly doubled by butchier women in the long wrestling scenes that pad this, and the series, out). The Black Dragon Gang (led by Ramon Bugarini dressed like Fu Manchu) are killing off archeologists who have a clue to the whereabouts of Aztec treasure, hidden in a tomb inside a pyramid ruin. Rather than tell the police, Los Luchadoras are called in to help!? Bugarini has two judo-fighting women as henchmen (cue more wrestling footage), can hypnotise people and spies on them with the use of closed-circuit tv. In the final twenty minutes the titular mummy (which is pretty cool, and had his own series beginning with LA MOMIA AZTECA, but played by a different actor, this time it's Gerardo Zepeda) appears to shuffle about in the only atmospheric (and not totally boring) scenes. Suprisingly, he can turn into a bat (and gets his own flashback like in Hammer`s THE MUMMY). Some guy called a "clown" attempts (and fails) to add comic relief throughout. With Armando Silvestre, Victor Velazquez, Maria Eugenie San Martin, Nathanael Leon, Manuel Donde, Mario Seville, Armando Acosta and Julian de Meriche. K. Gordon Murray released an English dub to American tv. Followed by three more sequels, beginning with LAS LOBAS DEL RING.