WRESTLING WOMEN VS. THE AZTEC APE (rock `n` roll wrestling women vs. the aztec ape; doctor of doom; sex monster; las luchadoras contra el medico asesino) (1962 MEXICO) D: RENE CARDONA W: ALFRED SALAZAR P: "WILLIAM" (GUILLERMO) CALDERON (STAL)
A mad doctor keeps a man with a gorilla`s brain in a cage and uses him to capture women for his brain transplant experiments. Female wrestlers help the police solve the case, and the secret identity of the villain is pretty easy to guess. In b/w. Lorena Velazquez and Elizabeth Campbell star, with Roberto Canedo, Jorge Mondragon, Armando Silvestre, Victor Velazquez, Ramon Bugarini and Sonia Infante. The ROCK `N` ROLL retitling if from a Rhino video re-release which substitutes parts of the soundtrack with annoying rock `n` roll spoof songs. Not to be confused with the sequel, WRESTLING WOMEN VS. THE AZTEC MUMMY (the series ran to five entries in all). Cardona returned to the gorilla transplant theme with NIGHT OF THE BLOODY APES.