THE ONE-ARMED BOXER (the chinese professionals; duk bei kuen wong; du bei quan wang) (1971 HONG KONG) D/W: JIMMY WANG YU P: RAYMOND CHOW
Wang Yu is the title character in one of the best kung fu films ever made. An evil gang run by Lung fei (with pointy teeth) challenges his martial arts school. Fei's minions have many bizarre styles, but i like the Indian who walks on his hands best. Eventually Fei slices off Yu's arm with one chop (!), so Wang goes into serious training to turn the other arm into steel. He burns it until all the nerves are dead and strengthens it by repeatedly dropping a large rock onto it! Dynamite is used in the exciting revenge climax. Don't miss it! With Tien Yeh, Blacky Ko, Choi Wong, Shan Mao, O Yau Man, Sit Hon, Ma Kei, Wong Wing Sam, Su Chen Ping, Cheung Yee Kwan, Man Man, Hsieh Hsing, Wong Fei Lung and Cheh Shih Wei (also the coreographer). Wang Yu (who in the previous decade had been ONE ARMED SWORDSMAN) returned with the even wilder ONE ARMED BOXER 2 (aka MASTER OF THE FLYING GUILLOTINE).