THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT (grim company; krug and company; sex crime of the century) (1972 U.S.) D/W: WES CRAVEN P: SEAN S. CUNNINGHAM
Infamous revenge movie based on Ingmar Bergman`s THE VIRGIN SPRING has some nice touches of humour ( i liked the "you`d think she was the only girl..." cliche opening) and it is still relatively shocking, but it was the effective ad campaign (originated with COLOR ME BLOOD RED, and probably stolen from STRAIT JACKET) that made this such a hit first time around. Now it`s infamy that shifts units. Looking at it nowadays it stands up as a sleazy horror flick with rape and chainsaws, but not really that much better than many others made all over the world, and is certainly no classic. David Hess (who sings the theme tune) is very much the iconic ultra-psycho Krug though. Martin Kove and Jeramie Rain have parts too. Gore scenes that used to be edited out later turned up as "snuff movie clips" in the dubious "documentary" CONFESSIONS OF A BLUE MOVIE STAR. THE HILLS HAVE EYES is Craven`s classic. Remade.