THE HUNTERS OF THE GOLDEN COBRA (raiders of the golden cobra; golden cobra; jungle hunt; i cacciatori del cobra d`oro) (1982 ITALY) D: "ANTHONY M. DAWSON" (ANTONIO MARGHERITI) W/P: GIANFRANCO COUYOUMDJIAN W: TITO CARPI
David Warbeck is American adventurer and former soldier Bob Jackson in this 40`s era RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK rip-off shot in the Philippines. British Intelligence officer John Steiner wants him to return to the jungle and retrieve the titular valuable, worshipped by a native tribe. It was stolen by a rogue allied spy from the Japanese. "Alan Collins" (Luciano Pigozzi, a Margheriti regular until his death) also wants to hire Warbeck, to find his niece`s long-lost twin sister, now a jungle queen (Almanta Suska from THE NEW YORK RIPPER in a dual role). With Domiziano Arcangeli. Pretty boring, but the final reel inside a volcano temple has some workable pulp fiction atmosphere. ARK OF THE SUN GOD was more of the same.