THE FURY OF THE WOLFMAN (the wolfman never sleeps; la furia del hombre lobo) (1970 SPAIN) D: JOSE MARIA ZABAZA W: JACINTO MOLINA (PAUL NASCHY)
Naschy is El Hombre Lobo again in the fourth entry in a series that began with FRANKENSTEIN'S BLOODY TERROR. He's a professor who returns from a disasterous expedition in Tibet where everyone except him was killed (this is not shown). He discovers his wife is having an affair, kills her and her lover and transforms into a werewolf. Perla Cristal is a mad scientist who makes mutants and turns Naschy's dead wife into a wolf woman. It's all pretty terrible and re-uses footage from BLOODY TERROR (Naschy claims the drunken director didn't shoot enough footage). The final line of dialogue is "what a beautiful day it is". Also with Mark Stevens in his last known feature role. THE WEREWOLF VS. THE VAMPIRE WOMEN was the immediate (and vastly superior) follow-up.