THE CURIOUS DR. HUMPP (the curious case of dr. humpp; la venganza del sexo) (1967 ARGENTINA) D/W/P: "RAUL ZORRILLA" (EMILIO VIEYRA) P: ORESTES TRUCCO
Aldo Barbero is the title scientist who has a cool-looking monster that kidnaps young women and brings them to his lab. He injects them with a serum that makes them horny and watches them having orgasms on a tv. He also talks to a brain in a jar that deflates and inflates as it talks. Ricardo Baulero is the newspaper reporter hero. This bizarre b/w sex horror movie has become quite the cult item since it was released on Something Weird Video as a Frank Henenlotter Sexy Shocker (a 1970 U.S. release with added skin). There`s even a DVD which also includes a great short in which a woman makes love to a cardboard skeleton cut-out.