THE CHINESE BOXER (hammer of the gods; lung foo moon; long hu men) (1969 HONG KONG) D/W: JIMMY WANG YU P: RUNME SHAW
Wang Yu`s directorial debut was an early success story for the Shaw Brothers studio, and an innovative redefining of the kung fu genre. No-one had ever seen this kind of approach before, with training scenes concentrating on fighting styles that pivotal to the plot. Lo Lieh is the leader of a troublesome gang of Japanese karate experts who kill Wang Yu`s boxing school teacher. In true xenophobic Wang Yu style, the Japanese are evil and heartless and karate is considered "crude". But forget that, and enjoy the brutal ballbusting action including a gripping final duel on the snowcapped mountains of Korea. Essential. With San Kuai, Yeun Woo Ping, Cheng Lui, Wong Chung, Jason Pai Piao, Kok Lee Yan, Tsang Choh Lam, Wong Kwong Yue, Chen Kuan Tai, Hsu Hsia, Fung Hak On, Yuen Chang Yan, Wong Pau Gei and Chan Lau. Tang Chia was the fight coreographer.