THE CANNIBALS (white cannibal queen; barbarian goddess; i cannibali; une fille pour les cannibales; l'emprise des cannibales; mondo cannibale; mondo cannibale 3; sexo canabal; el canibal) (1981 SPAIN FRANCE W. GERMANY) D/W: JESUS FRANCO P: FRANCO PROSPERI
This typically crappy Franco film was filmed back-to-back with CANNIBAL TERROR, utilising some of the same locations, cast members, stock footage and that plastic skull on a stick. Al Cliver travels to dangerous jungle territory, his wife is eaten by cannibals, his little girl is kidnapped (and his arm is chopped off). Years later Cliver hides his arm in his shirt and goes back to retrieve his daughter (who's become Sabrina Siani, the tribe's white goddess). Lina Romay (as "Candy Coster") is part of his expedition (and is eaten). For gore, TERROR was better, and there's no other reason to watch. With director Jerome Foulon, Olivier Mathot, Antonio Mayans and Franco.