THE CANNIBAL MAN (the apartment on the 13th floor; la semana del asesino) (1974 SPAIN) D/W: ELOY DE LA IGLESIA W: ANTHONY FOS P: JOE TRUCHADO
Vincent Parra is a slaughterhouse/soup factory worker who lives in the only remaining slum house in an area designated for high rises in Franco`s facist Spain where everyone must carry identity cards. He accidentally kills a puritanical taxi driver during a scuffle while out with his girlfriend. She tries to go to the police on his behalf, but he ends up strangling her to death instead (while a loudly ticking clock is heard). The bodies pile up as a string of unwanted visitors turn up in succession to find out what happened to the last victim. Parra gets promoted and dumps body parts in the factory mincer while the smell in his house gets worse and worse. A rich loenley young man who can see everything through binoculars from his high rise apartment befriends him. I`ve read reviews of this film that attempt to find some kind of socio-political subtext, if there was it went over my head. What i saw was a not-bad psychodrama that didn`t really go anywhere. With Emma Cohen, Eusebio Poncela, Charly Bravo, Jose Franco, Rafael Hernandez, Goyo Lebrero, Ismael Merlo, Antonio Orengo and Fernando Sanchez Polack.