THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN'T DIE (the head that wouldn't die) (1959 U.S.) D/W: JOSEPH GREEN W/P: REX CARLTON
The only trouble with THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN'T DIE is that it's developed such a cult reputation over the years that it's liable to disappoint those expecting to be blown away. It's not such an overwhelmingly sleazy movie (especially for a modern audience), but if you appreciate it on a minimal level and don't expect to be amazed then you will really enjoy this classic of it's kind and will understand why so many people praise it so. Virginia Leith is surgeon Herb Evers' girlfriend who ends up as a living head in a tray on a table attached to electrodes. You have to be quick to spot Sammy Petrillo as a photographer during Evers' "art" class snapping a bikini-clad model liable to end up as a spare part for Leith's new perfect body under construction. But the show stopper is the Pinhead monster ("Jewish giant" Eddie Carmel in a great monster suit) escaping at the end and setting the lab on fire. You may recognize the monster from BASKET CASE sequels or Ramones live shows. BRAIN is available in several different cuts with varying amounts of (minimal) gore (and there's the typically irritating, disrespectful MST3K version). Of course it's best seen uncut, but if that's unavailable, see it anyway.