TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE (the gargon terror) (1959 U.S.) D/W/P: TOM GRAEFF
A drill-shaped spaceship screws itself into the ground near Bronson Canyon one night. The aliens emerge, kill a dog and decide that the Earth is suitable to raise their "Gargon herds" (lobsters that grow to giant size, cleverly shown in silhouette only). However one of the aliens (called Derek (!), played by David Love, real name Chuck Roberts) is totaly against the destruction of humankind and runs away to warn people of the imminent invasion. Another always angry alien takes chase and turns people into skeletons with a ray gun in some seriously cool scenes. It's a fun b/w sci-fi classic of it's kind, the only one made by Graeff (who also edited and composed some of the music). My favourite character is the cheerful, trusting Grampa (Harvey P. Dunn) who gets to say "those crazy kids". With (Robert) King Moody. You may recognize the soundtrack from NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. I`m eagerly awaiting the Graeff/TEENAGERS doc. THE BOY FROM OUT OF THIS WORLD.