STREET TRASH (horror in bowery street) (1986 U.S.) D: JIM MURO W/P: ROY FRUMKES
Homeless winos drink old bottles of booze that a shopkeeper finds hidden in his cellar. It causes them to melt in this classic bad taste horror comedy. Try to imagine a wittier Troma movie that doesn`t give you a headache and has better FX (by Jennifer Aspinall) and you`re kind of near the mark. A game of catch with a severed penis, gang rape, gore and surprisingly well-done `nam flashbacks (Vic Noto has them) are highlights, as is James Lorinz (FRANKENHOOKER) as a wisecracking doorman. Most of the action takes place in an atmospheric junkyard (owned by Muro`s father) run by R.L. Ryan (who has funny necrophilia scene). Not for the easily offended, it`s a must-see for anyone else. It began shooting in 1984, expanded from a 10 min 1983 short. Frumkes has a part. Mike Lackey stars. With Tony Darrow and Bill Chepil. See THE MELTDOWN MEMOIRS doc. for more on this.