STRAY CAT ROCK: FEMALE BOSS (alleycat rock: female boss; onna bancho: nora nekko rock) (1970 JAPAN) D/W: YASUHARU HASEBE W: ATSUSHI YAMATOYA P: WATARU IIJIMA.HIDEO SASAI
Akiko Wada is the motorcycle-riding leader of an all-girl j.d. gang in this enjoyable time-capsule action movie from Nikkatsu. They have to hide out from the yakuza when they rescue a boxer who had to lose a fight but didn't. A girl gets her breasts burnt with a blowtorch and there's lots of split-screen and freeze frame effects. Not to mention Wada (who used to be a famous R'n'B singer, and has been a household name tv variety host for years) singing along with a psychedelic band in a club called Thunderbird. With future series stars Meiko Kaji and Tasuya Fuji and Kouji Wada. Four equels followed, beginning with.... Hasebe (who created the concept for the series) is most famous for his brutal "pink eiga" like RAPE!.