STARCRASH (the adventures of stella star; scontri stellari oltre la 3a dimensione) (1978 ITALY U.S.) D/W: "LEWIS COATES" (LUIGI COZZI) W/P: NAT WACHSBERGER P: PATRICK WACHSBERGER
You`ve gotta love STARCRASH! A stupid and fun STAR WARS cash-in starring Caroline Munro (Stella Star) and Marjoe Gotner (Akton, some kind of psychic) as a couple of renegade space drifters ordered by the Emperor of the Galaxy (a very serious Christopher Plummer) to prevent the evil caped Count Zarth Arn (Joe Spinnell having a lot of fun, but dubbed by someone else) from ruling the empire. That`s Munro`s real-life husband Judd Hamilton as the clunky comic-relief robot (with the voice of Hamilton Camp). David Hasselhoff even helps out (under too much eyeshadow). Robert Tessier makes a welcome appearance as Thor, and keep an eye out or Salvatore Baccaro (from S.S. HELL CAMP) as one of the neanderthal men. The score is by John Barry! Cozzi followed with more classics that George Lucas could only dream of making, like CONTAMINATION and HERCULES with Lou Ferrigno.