S.S. HELL CAMP (horrifying experiments of the last days of the s.s.; the beast in heat; s.s. experiment camp 2; la bestia in calore) (1976 ITALY) D/W: "IVAN KATANSKY" (LUIGI BATZELLA) P: XIRO PAPAS
Macha Magall is the ILSA type S.S. scientist conducting experiments that involve torture and sexual stimulation. Fingernails are pulled off and a woman eaten alive by rats (guinea pigs) are some of the atrocities. But her trump card is a hormone-injected neanderthal mutant (Sal Boris aka Salvatore Baccaro) kept in a cage. He's given women to rape, and he even rips off their pubic hair and eats it in the film's most infamous scene. Another women is shot in the vagina. These entertainingly sick scenes are unfortunately few and far between though, the bulk of the movie concerning the Italian Resistance's war on the Nazis. With Brad Harris, Alfredo Rizzo, Briggite Skay and Papas.