SOROROITY GIRL (sorority house; the bad one) (1957 U.S.) D/P: ROGER CORMAN W: ED WATERS/LEO LIEBERMAN
Sabra (Susan Cabot, soon to be THE WASP WOMAN) is a spoilt, lonely and vindictive rich college girl who vents her frustration by abusing a pledge girl. Unable to connect with her cold, widowed mother (their dinner scene together is an icy bitch-fest), she tries to hurt those around her with gossip and blackmail, almost resulting in a pregnant girl`s suicide. Her nemesis is a serious member of student council with her her own secrets (and she`s dating Dick Miller!). Corman`s answer to the major studio THE STRANGE ONE is a slight but quite effective melodrama, with good acting (Cabot is excellent), interesting characters and dialogue. And check out Bill Martin`s superb opening credit sequence. Not what you might expect from A.I.P. (it was on a double-bill with MOTORCYCLE GANG, to keep thrill-seekers happy). 59 b/w mins. Remade in 1994 as CONFESSIONS OF A SORORITY GIRL.