SHORT NIGHT OF GLASS DOLLS (paralyzed; short night of the butterflies; malastrana; la corta notte delle bambole di vetro) (1971 ITALY W. GERMANY YUGOSLAVIA) D/W: ALDO LADO P: ENZO DARIA
An American journalist (Jean Sorel) is discovered in some bushes in the city of Prague and is presumed to be dead. Sorel's brain remains awake however, and as doctors puzzle over his motionless yet not quite dead body, he tries to remember how he got this way. The lengthy flashbacks that unfold start with a missing girl and are much like a typical giallo mystery. There are a few interesting touches, an off-beat conclusion and the filmmaking is slick but this suffers from a cold, detached air that plagues so much of the genre (not to mention dull, vacuous characters). But if you're a giallo fan then you might consider it a masterpiece as many do. With Barbara Bach, Mario Adorf, Fabijan Sovagovic and Relja Basil. The soundtrack is by Ennio Morricone. It was the debut feature from the director of NIGHT TRAIN MURDERS.