S&M HUNTER (sm crane chuuzuri; crane chuuzuri: sm 18 sai; kinbaku・sm・18 sai) (1986 JAPAN) D/W: SHUJI KATAOKA P: DAISUKE ASAKURA
A gay man (Bunmei Tobayama) hires the bondage master Roper from Hell (Shiro Shimomoto, with a cowboy-like rope belt and pirate eyepatch with a skull on it) to rescue his lover kidnapped by The Bombers girl gang (who use him as a sex toy). He ties them up and they submit to him one-by-one (including leader Ayu Kiyokawa, from FEMALE INQUISITOR). For a 61 min. movie featuring naked Japanese chicks with big tits being tortured, it sure is boring. And the comedy (yes, it`s also a comedy) is not funny. Things do pick-up at the end though, when a schoolgirl trying to join The Bombers (Hiromi Saotome) dons a Nazi stromtrooper outfit (complete with cape!) against a swastika backdrop and goes out to confront Shimomoto. She ends up enjoying being bound in ropes and hoisted high above the ground by a crane (this very real stunt is pretty impressive), and then he fucks her. Based on a story by Yoki Haruno. With Yutaka Ikejima as the master of The Pleasure Dungeon. It`s actually the sequel to a movie that Pink Eiga Inc. (who also put this DVD out) has had translated into English as S&M HUNTER BEGINS, but (at the time of writing) has yet to release. It also stars Shimomoto and Saotome in the same roles. Kataoka made the SUBWAY SERIAL RAPE series.