REVENGE OF DR. X (the venus fly trap; devil garden; the double garden; akuma no niwa) (1967 JAPAN U.S.) D: KENNETH G. CRANE W: EDWARD D. WOOD JR.
After some NASA stock footage opens this film, star James Craig decides to take a break in Japan. His car breaks down en route to the airport, so he goes wandering in a swamp while a mechanic/snakehandler fixes it. He uproots a venus fly trap and takes it with him to Tokyo (his only luggage it seems). He stays at a remote old hotel with his Japanese female assistant and a hunchback servant who plays the organ. Nearby is an active volcano! Craig is alternately mean or grateful as he goes about his experiments with the plant. Topless female divers retrieve an underwater plant for Craig, who crossbreeds it with the fly trap. After lightning hits it, it becomes a huge man-in-a-monster-suit plant monster with fly trap hands and feet that eventualy escapes and kills people at a nearby village. Locals chase it with flaming torches (!) until it and Craig fall into the volcano (Crane`s other co-productoin THE MANSTER had the same ending). Considering it`s got a script from Ed Wood, surprisingly few know of this worthwhile odity.