RETURN OF THE ONE ARMED SWORDSMAN (duk bei diy wang; du bei dao wang) (1968 HONG KONG) D/W: CHANG CHEH P: RUNME SHAW
Wang Yu returns as the one armed "king of swordsmen", trying to settle down with his wife as a farmer. But the dispicable black and white knights force him to enter a swordplay tournament. Unlike the original ONE ARMED SWORDSMAN, this powerful, bloody drama of violence has aged well. Minor quibbles concerning see-through wirework and day-for-night shots are easily forgotten when watching a true martial arts classic such as this. With Ti Lung, Tien Fong, Liu Chia Lang, Lau Kar Wing, Chiao Chiao, Yuen Cheung Yan, Tang Chia, Ku Feng, Wu Ma, Wong Chung, Cliff Lok, Chan Sing and Wong Ching Ho (many of these can only be spotted as swordsmen extras). From a director, actor (and fight coreographers Tang Chia and Li Chia Liang) who pioneered changes in the genre for at least another decade.