ONE ARMED BOXER 2 (master of the flying guillotine; duk bei kuen wong daai poh huet dik ji; du bei quan wang da po xie di zi) (1976 HONG KONG) D/W: JIMMY WANG YU P: WONG CHEUK HON
This crazy sequel to the classic ONE ARMED BOXER is further proof that Wang Yu is one of the most underrated filmmakers (kung fu or otherwise) of all time. A blind master of the flying guillotine (Kam Kong) searches for the one-armed Wang Yu while decapitating men (and chickens) left, right and center ("i shall kill every one-armed man i see"). He finally tracks him down to a wild kung fu tournament where you can see an Indian fighter with extending arms and many other wonders. The unusual soundtrack (all stolen krautrock classics) tops off a thoroughly satisfying off-beat treat. With Doris Lung, Sham Chin Bo, Lung Fei, Sit Hon, Lau Kar Wing, Wong Fei Lung, Chui Chung Hei, Shan Mau, Shih Ting Ken, Wang Tai Lang, Jack Long, Jimmy Lee, Philip Kwok, Wong Lik, Robert Tai, Ma Chin Hu, Su Chen Ping, Cheung Yee Kwai, Au Lap Bo, Wong Chi Sang and (i think) Wilson Tong. The coreography was provided by Liu Chia Liang and Lau Kar Wing. Show a ONE ARMED BOXER double bill to your mates, and if they don`t like `em.... kill them! By the way, if anyone has a flying guillotine for sale, drop me a line.