THE NIGHTS OF TERROR (burial ground; zombie 3; zombi horror; the zombie dead; le notti del terrore) (1979 ITALY) D: ANDREA BIANCHI W: PIERO REGNOLI P: GABRIELE CRISANTI
A bearded scientist ("i`m your friend...arrrgghh!") somehow resurrects the dead. Zombies rise, attack and surround horny couples at a remote country mansion. The zombies are cheap-looking, but kind of cool (FX by Gino De Rossi) and also resourceful (they use axes and scythes) and agile (one scales the outside wall of the castle). A character says "they can only be killed by blowing their heads off". There`s lots of gore, but the most interesting aspect of this fun piece of trash is the little kid character. The mother-obssessed pre-pubescent boy seems to be played by a short, underdeveloped adult dwarf actor. In a shocking scene he bites off his mother`s nipple. With Mariangelo Giordano and zombie monks. It ends with a quote from "Profecy of the Black Spider"! Essential viewing for fans of Italian exploitation. Probably made back-to-back with MALABIMBA at the same castle location.