NIGHT OF THE BLOODY APES (la horripliante bestia humana; horror y sexo) (1968 MEXICO) D/W: RENE CARDONA W: RENE CARDONA JR. P: ALFREDO SALAZAR
A scientist operates on his dying son, transplanting a gorilla`s heart into his chest ("move over the operating table, and prepare the gorilla") in this monster movie classic of it`s type. After a while the son transforms into an ape-faced muscular grotesque that runs around after dark attacking and killing women (the mixure of violence and nudity is pretty outrageous). When a man is "scapled", it`s obvious he`s just had his toupee removed! Real open-heart surgery footage is spliced-in. Cardona had previously filmed a tamer version of the same story as WRESTLING WOMEN VS. THE AZTEC APE, which he acknowledges by having a female wrestler character (played by Norma Lazareno) going out with the main cop on the case. With Armando Silvestre, Jose Elias Moreno and Carlos Lopez Moctezuma. It`s true that parts drag, but you gotta love it!