MOSQUITO (bloodlust: the vampire of nuremberg; mosquito der schander) (1976 SWITZERLAND) D: MARIJAN DAVID VAJDA W: MARIO D'ALLALA
Werner Pochtath is excellent as a traumatised deaf-mute office worker who's pushed over the edge by the cruel teasing of his co-workers. He visits a morgue and cuts up the recently dead female corpses with his knife. He removes one corpse's head, and the eyeballs from another. He goes one step further when he buys a glass straw and uses it to drink blood from the dead, and his murder victims. Scenes of Pochtath slurping blood like milkshake (and in one instance dribbling it over a dead person's face) are disturbing and unforgettable. He also collects dolls. This eerie, dreamlike obscurity is well-made and pretty fascinating (it's based on a true story). It should be as well known as George A. Romero's similar MARTIN (made around the same time). With Ellen Umlauf, some surprising nudity, a spooky soundtrack and odd dilaogue on the English language dub.