MALABIMBA (the malicious whore; possession of a teenager) (1979 ITALY) D: "ANDREW WHITE" (ANDREA BIANCHI) W: PIERO REGNOLI P: GABRIELE CRISANTI
A bickering family of aristocrats on it`s last legs hold a seance at their ancestral castle home. The spirit of Countess Lucrezia seems to take possession of Giuseppe Marroco`s teenage daughter Bimba (Katel Laennec), and she`s soon spouting obscenities and trying to seduce family members. She gives her paralyzed uncle a blowjob until he keels over and dies! Others are doing their own fucking (when they`re not arguing). A horny nun eventually committs suicide by jumping off a roof, in order to prevent the perversion from spreading. This ending neatly signposts both "influences" at work here, THE EXORCIST and sexy nun movies of the 70`s. Actually quite boring, but just so sleazy (sleaze levels elevated by hardcore sex inserts) that it`s a must-see for eurotrashers seeking this ambience. There`s a lot of zom lens use too. Running times over the years have varied, but an "integral" composite on the Severin DVD runs 98 mins. and seems complete. Bianchi made BURIAL GROUND next (at the same location?).