LUCKY SKY DIAMOND (bloody fragments on a white wall; shiroi kabe no kekkon) (1989 JAPAN) D/W: IZO HASHIMOTO
Here`s a weird one. Naoko Amihama is a crazy woman locked in a room who hallucinates maggots in her drip and intestines falling out of her vagina as cameras watch. Two people (one male doctor who rapes her, and her sister) shave all her hair off to perform a lobotomy (while singing and dancing). When she wakes up half way through the operation, the sister/assistant (Reiko Nakamura) gets turned on and gives him (Shiro Sano from Hashimoto`s EVIL DEAD TRAP 2) a blowjob. Instead of the customary post-coital (or cunnilingus) cigarette, he eats a bug. After the operation the patient`s insistence of a pain in her head annoys the doctor so the assistant stabs her repeatedly in the stomach while he chases her around (dressed in a cardboard box) with a bread knife. After he fondles her intestines, she hits him in the head with a hammer and stabs him. The assistant/sister masturbates and Amihama`s artificial skull plate falls off. It`s 55 mins. long.