LET THE BULLETS FLY (rang zidan fei) (2010 CHINA) D/W: JIANG WEN W: JUE SO-CHUN/SHU PING/WEI XIAO/GUO JUN-LI/ (another name that i couldn`t make out!) P: BARBIE TUNG/ALBERT LEE/ZHAO HAI-CHENG
THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY-inspired comedic action adventure based on a story by famous Siuchanese writer Ma Shi-Tu (it`s set in Siuchan, during the 1920`s). A famous bandit (Director Jiang, from THE MISSING GUN) and his curiously masked men derail a horse-drawn train carriage and kidnap Governor Ge You (and his wife Carina Lau). Jiang takes Ge`s identity, Ge poses as his underling and they head for Goose Town to pull off some kind of scam. But ruling over the town is a sadistic opium smuggler with gold teeth (Chow Yun-Fat, who also plays his double), who has his own dodgy dealings. What enuses is a backstabbing battle of wits that is at once satirical, goofy, rousing and amoral. Not to be taken seriously i think, i thought some set pieces were great (despite poor CGI and wirework), and there are laugh-out-loud moments (despite the humour not always translating well). Bit too long at 132 mins. though. With Liao Fan, Shao Bing, Chan Kun, Director Feng Xiaogang and some heroic geese.