INCENSE FOR THE DAMNED (blood suckers; doctors wear scarlet; freedom seekers) (1970 U.K.) D: ROBERT HARTFORD-DAVIS W: JULIAN MORE P: GRAHAM HARRIS
Unsuccesful but somehwat curious time capsule vampire movie from the director of CORRUPTION is based on a novel called Doctors Wear Scarlet by Simon Raven. Friends of the missing Foreign Secretary`s son (Patrick Mower) go to Greece to find him, after reports have him cavorting with the "jet set", in particular a mysterious woman who has a inscrutable hold on him. Could it be a "vampire" cult? The locations are nice, but the action is quite boring until we get to Edward Woodward talking about vampirism not as a supernatural phenomenon, but as a sexual perversion and transmittable disease (pre-SHIVERS). I also like the freak-out psych rock during a dated trip/orgy optical FX sequence, and the ending. With Patrick Macnee, Peter Cushing, David Lodge and Francoise Pascal. Not recommended to casual viewers, but vintage Brit horror fans may find it of worth, and certainly different. The Redemption print (as BLOOD SUCKERS) runs 83 mins., the longest available, but Davis (who disowned it) claimed it was never even finished (it was shot in `69).