I EAT YOUR SKIN (zombies; zombie bloodbath) (1964 U.S.) D/W/P: DEL TENNEY
A beefcake playboy novelist with some truly awful pick-up lines ("what part of heaven did you fly out from?") flies to a remote island in the Bahamas with his agent (and his wife) to find the ingredients for an adventure novel. Walter Coy is their host on the island, his other guests being a scientist searching for a cancer cure in snake venom and his virginal blonde daughter. A primitive drug is blamed for flaky-skinned, bulgy-eyed "zombies" (who hack a guys head off with a machete), but it turns out to be something more sinister. B/w quickie is not really very good, but has some shot-in-Florida atmosphere and that zombie make-up is simple yet effective. William Grefe was the 2nd Unit Director. Tenney (known for his THE HORROR OF PARTY BEACH) made CURSE OF THE LIVING CORPSE the same year, and didn`t direct again until DESCENDANT in 2003.