HOT TIMES (the adventures of archie; a hard day for archie; sweet sixteen; my erotic fantasies; clinch) (1974 U.S.) D/W: JIM McBRIDE P: LEW MISHKIN
William Mishkin was the Executive Producer for this not-very-funny sex comedy that borrows character names from Archie comics (something that might slip some viewers by, not that it`s important). Archie and his friends (who tell racial jokes) talk about girls and fucking and plan to ball away New Year`s Eve. The big joke is that Archie can`t come and gets more and more frustrated when he`s interrupted. His girlfriend Betty abstains for some guru, he gets involved in a hotel room porno shoot but the management busts in before he gets off and he finally picks up a groupie ("i balled the drummer of Spooky Tooth") in Times Square (where a marquee for THE LAUGHING POLICEMAN can be seen). McBride later made the BREATHLESS remake and GREAT BALLS OF FIRE (about Jerry Lee Lewis) in the 80`s. Steve Curry from his GLEN AND RANDA is Mughead.