HIDE AND FREAK (game over; deadly games; 36・15 code pere noel) (1988 FRANCE) D/W: RENE MANZOR
A precocious, smart (and spoilt) little boy (Alain Lalanne, the Director`s son, who later went on to work in VFX for big Hollywood movies) uses his vivid imagination to play at his huge country mansion home (an illogical place with secret rooms and tunnels, trap-doors and a maze of corridors, it makes the PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS house seem sane) with his wealthy single mother (who runs a department store) and half-blind diabetic grandfather. A creepy bearded dude (Patrick Floersheim) who just wants to play (kids run away from him) gets fired as an in-store Santa at mom (Brigitte Fossey)`s store (for hitting a kid), so takes revenge by breaking into the big house (in his Santa costume) and terrorising the boy (and gramps). The kid fights back in RAMBO/COMMANDO parody scenes that must have inspired the international Hollywood hit HOME ALONE. A cartoonish (someone even hides in a suit of armour!) and nonsensical kids nightmare movie, shot like a stylish 80`s rock video (lots of blue) which is much more enjoyable now than when it was new i would imagine. With use of the minitel (ask a Frenchman) and a cameo from Manzor.