FRIGHTMARE (cover up; frightmare 2; once upon a frightmare) (1974 U.K.) D/W/P: PETE WALKER W: DAVID McGILLIVRAY
What is elderly tarot card reader Sheila Keith`s dark secret? Her husband (Rupert Davies) is clearly in on it, as is step-daughter Deborah Fairfax. Younger daughter-in-her-care Kim Butcher is a troublesome juvenile delinquent. Nosy but caring psychiatrist Paul Greenwood is Fairfax`s new boyfriend who opens up a real can of worms. Some viewers may have been burnt on dated sub-standard Walker films in the past (his cult following is largely forced and contrived i feel), but FRIGHTMARE is an unique mix of explotation thrills and seventies kitchen sink drama that mixes horror, humour and social commentary to good, creepy effect. A blood-spattered Keith is memorable, and note pre-DRILLER KILLER power-tool iconography. With Leo Genn, Fiona Curzon., Andrew Sachs and a brief McGillivray appearance. Tony Tenser was the Executive Producer. Other Walker/McGillivray movies are SCHIZO, THE CONFESSIONAL and HOUSE OF WHIPCORD.