FIVE KUNG-FU DARE-DEVIL HEROES (wu tang vs. the nation; guan dong wu tai xia; du wang quan) (1977 TAIWAN) D: CHEUNG SAN-YEE/CHEUNG YING P: CHANG YING
Somewhat confusing kung fu movie about heroic Han rebels out to stop a land deal between the Qing and a Russian Marshall (in return for weapons). Lots of intrigue, espionage and a shed-load of fighting (pretty good coreography too, courtesy of co-star Yu Tien-Lung). Unless you`re into good scrapping (i am, so quite enjoyed), give it a miss. Lo Lieh in a silver wig is supposed to be Russian (!), and the colourful costumes are more elaborate than usual. With Leung Kar-Yan, Kam Kong, Phillip Ko Fei, Mang Fei, Yueh Hua, Lee Kwan, Shaw Luo-Hui, Lee Wan-Chung, Cheung Chung-Kwai, Man Man, Ma Chin-Ku, Ho Wai-Hung and Choi Chung-Chau. Not to be confused with this film.