EVIL SPAWN (alive by night; deadly sting; metamorphosis) (1986 U.S.) D/W: KENNETH J. HALL P: ANTHONY BREWSTER
Older has-been actress and former starlet Bobbie Bresee is approached by sinister-seeming Dawn Wildsmith on behalf of a scientist with experimental serum shots that reverse the ageing process. They do indeed make her younger, but also turn her into a big snarling man-in-a-suit monster that kills with big pincers. She offs agents and producers that didn`t give her the starring role she wanted in this stupid but quite enjoyable schlock homage to THE WASP WOMAN. It only runs 69 mins. so doesn`t outstay it`s welcome. Executive Producer Fred Olen Ray had brief footage of a very weak-seeming John Carradine added. He added even more to an alternative version called THE ALIEN WITHIN that was marketed as a different movie in 1990! Look for Forrest J. Ackerman cleaning a pool.