ENTRAILS OF A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN (bijou no harawata; guts of a beauty; guts of a virgin) (1985 JAPAN) D/W: "GAIRA" (KAZUO KOMIZU) P: MATSUO SATO/HIROSHI HANIZAWA
Some perverted Yakuza kidnap two sisters and ship one to Africa. The other they rape and inject with a highly addictive new drug called Angel Rain that makes her real horny. The girl manages to escape and makes her way to a local clinic. A female psychologist there tries to help her but she leaps to her death from the roof (for some reason we get a shot of a watermelon smashing on the ground). The psychologist tries for revenge by seducing one of the yakuza and then hypnotising him to kill the others. However it doesn't work and the gang soon trick the psychologist and take her to their warehouse lair where she is analy raped and given a fatal overdose of Angel Rain. Her body is buried along with the hacked-up remains of the guy she hypnotised. The two bodies mutate into one and rise from the grave as a hermaphrodite monster with a giant penis (with teeth) that rips through a girls' stomach! The fat vagina is used to suffocate people with! This seriously warped low-budget 16mm erotic-horror is from a former Koji Wakamatsu collaborator who's psedonym comes from the monster clone in WAR OF THE GARGANTUANS. It's pretty entertaining, well-made, the sex is pretty explicit (and abundant) and it's just over an hour long. With Keiko Asano, Naomi Hagio and future director Kazuhiro Sano. Komizu made the bigger-budgeted follow-up ENTRAILS OF A VIRGIN (which was released before this it seems) and then rounded-out his "splatter eros" trilogy with FEMALE INQUISITOR for Nikkatsu. His later endeavours like LIVING DEAD IN TOKYO BAY and XX: BEAUTIFUL WEAPON are less outrageous and less interesting.