DEMONS 5 (devil's veil; black sabbath; la maschera del demonio; la masacara del demonio; le masque de satan) (1989 ITALY SPAIN FRANCE PORTUGAL) D/W/P: LAMBERTO BAVA W: MASSIMO DE RITA/GIROGIO STEGANI P: ANDREA PIAZZESI
Some skiiers fall through a crack in the mountain into a snow cave. They find a door that leads them to a deserted old village where a priest lives, and a woman's body with an iron face mask is encased in ice. After they remove the mask strange things begin to happen. They become infected by evil and play mean tricks on the blind clergyman. Demonic forces manifest themselves and there's a crappy Medusa with an extending tongue. This senseless horror has some other FX moments (which aren't worth mentioning), but no real gore as you might expect. Eva Grimaldi is Anibas, executed for witchcraft in a flashback that copies the masking scene in the Director's father's classic THE MASK OF SATAN (of which this is a kind-of remake). With Michele Soavi and Deborah Kinski.