DAIMAJIN (the giant majin; majin, monster of terror) (1966 JAPAN) D: KIMIYOSHI YASUDA W: TETSURO YOSHIDA P: MASAICHI NAGATA
When the poor are persecuted and treated particularly badly by the corrupt rich, a big stone idol that`s encased in a mountain comes to their aid. When some soldiers try and deface the GOLEM-like statue (which houses the power of God) it comes to life and stomps the town and people. Only the tears from a woman willing to sacrifice herself stops the destruction. Excellent fable and monster movie should be as well-known as the GODZILLA series. With Miwa Takada, Kimiyoshi Fujimaki, Ryouzo Shimada, Tatsuo Endo, Saburo Date, Igoro Onoe, Gen Kimura, Shousaku Sugiyama and FX from Yoshiyuki Kuroda (100 MONSTERS etc.). RETURN OF DAIMAJIN was next. You can see a cool Majin statue in front of Daiei Studios in Tokyo (when i was there, there was also a GAMERA cafe!).