CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD (the gates of hell; paura nella citta dei morti viventi) (1980 ITALY) D/W/P: LUCIO FULCI W: DARDANO SACCHETTI P: GIOVANNI MASANI
After a priest hangs himself, the dead come back to life and kill (by ripping the brains out of people's heads) in the town of Dunwich. Catrina MacColl is a medium who experiences death (she's almost buried alive) and has a premonition of the gory events, due to the gates of hell opening on Earth. Christopher George is a newspaper reporter who helps her, and Fulci regular Giovanni Lombardo Radice (a.k.a. John Morghen) is the weird local everyone blames (and gets a drill through the head). A fun atmospheric horror that features tears of blood, a woman throwing up her intestines (great scene), a blizzard of maggots and lots of close-ups of eyes. However, some bad dialogue and a rushed-looking, confusing ending (with inappropriate music) bring it down a few notches. Not among Fulci's best, but entertaining enough. With Michele Soavi, Daniela Doria ,Valentiono Venantini, Luciano Rossi, Robert Sampson, Janet Agren and Fulci himself (in the usual cameo). The photography is by Sergio Salvati.