CEMETERY WITHOUT CROSSES (the rope and the colt; une corde, un colt...; cimitero senza croci) (1968 FRANCE ITALY) D/W: ROBERT HOSSEIN W: CLAUDE DeSAILLY
After her husband is murdered by a cruel family of land barons, Michele Mercier (from BLACK SABBATH) enlists the help of Manuel (Director Hossein), an old flame who broods in a ghost town`s old, dusty saloon to help her get revenge. This involves gaining the family`s trust and kidnapping. This unusual western has long stretches with no dialogue, and scenes atypical of the genre (including a great, surreal, paranoid dinner-table set-piece). Apparently Sergioe Leone himself had some input. I liked it a lot. Dario Argento is credited on some prints as co-writer, but this is likely false. With Daniel Vargas, Ivano Staccioli, Serge Marquand, Pierre Collet, Michel Lemoine, Cris Huerta, Jose Canalejas, Alvaro de Luna, Charly Bravo, Benito Stefanelli, Lorenzo Robledo and Angel Alvarez. Hossein`s brother Andre provides the score (including flamenco guitar that stays just the right side, away from MESA OF LOST WOMEN territory), but Scott Walker sings The Rope And The Colt theme tune (a hit in the U.K.).