CANNIBAL FEROX (make them die slowly; woman from deep river) (1980 ITALY) D/W: UMBERTO LENZI P: MINO LOY/ LUCIANO MARTINO
This one`s often mentioned in the same breath as CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST (especialy in the UK where they both share "video nasty" status) which is unfair to that superior, intelligent lost civilization classic. This is just a hack job, and not a particularly good one. Richard Bolla (an ex-porno star, also in HOLOCAUST) is a cop in N.Y.C. searching for a drug dealer who may have bought cannibalism back to the city. Where the film does pay-off is during the native retribution against drug dealers led by "John Morghen" (Giovanni Lombardo Radice). Hooks through breasts, dick cut off etc. All realised by Gianetto De Rossi`s convincing FX. Good luck sitting through the rest of it though. With John Bartha, Venantino Venantini and Dominic Raacke.