CANNIBAL APOCALYPSE (cannibals in the streets; invasion of the flesh hunters; apocalipsis cannibal; apocalypse domani; apocalisse domani) (1980 ITALY SPAIN) D/W: "ANTHONY M. DAWSON" (ANTONIO MARGHERITI) W: "JIMMY GOULD" (DARDANO SACCHETTI) P: MAURIZIO AMATI/SANDRO AMATI
While on manouvers in Vietnam, platoon captain John Saxon finds "John Morghen" (real name Giovanni Lombardo Radice) chowing down on a Viet Cong woman's flesh. Flash forward to New York City and Morghen (who's character is named Charles Bukowski!) is released from a hospital for nervous disorders. He spreads a contagious strain of cannibalism and it's up to Saxon to save the day. It's an ok, gory time waster that horror fans should enjoy, but it's developed quite the cult following (especially in the UK where it's banned in it's uncut form) that is bound to build up false expectations it can't live up to. So beware. With Ramino Oliveros and Venantino Venantini. THE LAST HUNTER is Margheriti's other 'nam movie from the same year.