BOOGEYMAN II (revenge of the boogeyman) (1982 U.S.) D/W/P: "BRUCE STARR" (ULI LOMMEL) W: SUZANNA LOVE P: MARK BALSAM
Six months after the events of the first movie, Suzanna Love goes to Hollywood to visit her "friend" and her director husband (Lomell playing pretty much himself, an European director forced to make more commercial exploitation flicks) and she tells the story of what happened to her. They sympathetically respond by inviting obnoxious Holywood types to the house for a poolside party in the hope of securing a movie deal based on Love`s experience. For some reason, the shard of mirror is still around and posseses the German servant. Pathetic sequel is loaded with time-filling flashback footage from the first film. The new death scenes are pretty hialrious (the bathroom murders by shaving cream and electric toothbrush takes the prize i think). I may be wrong, but it seems a little tongue-in-cheek (but played straight) to me, which makes me like it maybe more than i should. With references to De Palma, the Hollwood Babylon book and a real dumb surprise ending. Love was Lomell`s wife at the time, so ended up in his BRAINWAVES, THE DEVONSVILLE TERROR, OLIVIA, STRANGERS IN PARADISE and REVENGE OF THE STOLEN STARS. There was also a non-Lomell RETURN OF THE BOOGEYMAN in 1994.