BLOOD FOR DRACULA (andy warhol`s dracula; dracula cerca sangue di vergine e...mori di sete!!!; dracula vuole vivere...cerca sangue di vergine!!!) (1974 ITALY FRANCE) D/W: PAUL MORRISEY W: PAT HACKETT (uncredited) P: ANDY WARHOL/ANDREW BRAUNSBERG
Filmed directly after the more celebrated FLESH FOR FRANKENSTEIN, this is actually a better film. An imaginative, funny and very different look at the Carpathian legend (filmed in English). Dracula (Udo Kier) and his secretary move to an Italian village because of a lack of virgins (or "wergins") in Romania. Director Vittorio De Seca is an aristocrat (with no money) who`s four beautiful daughters are targets for Kier (who`s excellent). Joe Dallesandro kind of saves the day as a gardener who rapes the girls, and Kier throws up their non-virgin blood. These scenes, Kier licking menstrual blood off the floor and the over-the-top ending (with Carlo Lomabrdi FX) are particularly outrageous. Roman Polanski has a cameo. Arguments have raged for years about Antonio Margheriti`s input as assistant director. Apparently it is all Morrissey`s work, but Margheriti was credited in Italy for tax breaks. With Milena Vukotic.