BLACKENSTEIN (the black frankenstein) (1972 U.S.) D: WILLIAM A. LEVEY W/P: FRANK R. SALETRI
A black `nam vet paraplegic is injected with dodgy D.N.A. by a white doctor (John Hart) which transforms him into a Karloff-style monster with a flat-top afro! The doctor`s lovesick assistant who wants the new monster`s wife is somewhat responsible. Liz Renay is a victim of the creature in this loopy, gory, hard-to-believe yet mostly dull (if truth be told) black horror in the tradition of BLACULA. The best bit is when a male nurse abuses our protagonist in his hospital bed for no good reason, only to end up dead, and the time-capsule footage of dapper pimps watching a stand-up comedian in a club. The theme soul song is pretty good too. With Don Brodie and the Kenneth Strickfaden lab equipment from FRANKENSTEIN etc. Robert Caramico shot it. The credits run top-to-bottom like in KISS ME DEADLY. Bad movie fans won`t want to miss it, and should keep an eye out for other films from Levey. Saletri is also credited with writing something called BLACK THE RIPPER! Was this ever made?