ARMY OF DARKNESS: EVIL DEAD 3 (evil dead 3: the medieval dead; captain supermarket) (1991 U.S.) D/W: SAM RAIMI W: IVAN RAIMI P: ROBERT G. TAPERT
This is the least (and biggest budgeted) EVIL DEAD entry, but is still well worth seeing. It starts with a recap of the previous entry to show how Ash (Bruce Campbell) ends up in medieval times (with a chainsaw on his arm, "groovy") to help King Arthur`s army fight animated swordfighting skeletons (like JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS on speed). The emphasis is more on fantasy than horror, and there are fun references to THE MANSTER and THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL (among others). With Embeth Davidtz, Angela Featherstone, Josh Becker, Harvey Cokliss, William Lustig, Bernard Rose, Patricia Tallman, Bill Moseley, Ted and Sam Raimi, Ian Abercrombie and Bridget Fonda. Two different endings were filmed, one downbeat and one happy. I imagine that several of the DVD special editions around has both, as well as more related info and footage that you could ever possibly need.