AFTER THE FALL OF NEW YORK (2019: after the fall of new york; cyborg hunter: new york 2019; 2019: dopo la caduta di new york; 2019: apres la chute de new york) (1984 ITALY FRANCE) D/W: "MARTIN DOLMAN" (SERGIO MARTINO) W: "JULIAN BERRY" (ERNESTO GASTALDI)/GABRIEL ROSSINI P: LUCIANO MARTINO
This copies 1990: THE BRONX WARRIORS and ESCAPE FROM THE BRONX, a couple of ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK rip-offs. Michael Sopkiw (the star of BLASTFIGHTER) takes part in MAD MAX-inspired custom car duels in the Nevada desert, twenty years after someone dropped the bomb. He's hired to rescue the only fertile woman on Earth from a heavily guarded Manhattan, full of dangerous street gangs and a masked military force on horseback that exterminates the contaminated locals with flamethrowers and experiment on the healthy ones. Big Ape (George Eastman aka Luigi Montefiore) leads a gang of mutants. Edmund Purdom is the President. With Romano Puppo, Al Yamanouchi, Giovanni Cianfraglia, Luciano Pigozzi, rats, burst heads and music by the Oliver Onions. Having N.Y.C. as a sprawling urban jungle filled with post-nuke crazies is a great concept, but still no-one has really delivered a great movie about it.